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Car Air Conditioning

The term RE-GAS is widely used in the motor trade and I regularly drive past garages and see the sign ‘AC Re-Gas: £25’. This always brings a smile to my face as yet another garage falls into the trap of believing this is the only reason why an AC system will stop working. As a shiny AC machine arrives in the workshop they must truly believe that a bottle of leak detection dye and a machine full of gas is the only tool they will need to resolve the issue, or at least that is what the AC machine salesmen has led them to believe. Here at Clayton’s, we offer a more thorough air conditioning service, understanding that a re-gas is not the only solution for a faulty air conditioning system.

Before you switch off and search for the cheapest option available, let me ask you one question, do you take your fridge at home down to Curry’s every year for a re-gas? Has the gas in your fridge ever magically disappeared over time? I’m guessing not, so time to read on.


Regular Air Conditioning Servicing in Leeds

It is recommended to carry out a car air conditioning service every two years to reduce the amount of moisture build up in the system and keep your filter drier healthy, you can also carry out a service when the system is not as cool as it used to be. Do not confuse this with a re-gas, the gas is far too expensive now and any leaks need to be fixed before carrying out the AC service. This is in line with F gas regulations, and we must be compliant with those regulations and not knowingly release harmful refrigerant into the atmosphere. R134 is the old gas, full of CFC’s and bad for the planet. R1234yf Is more Expensive to buy, but not as bad for the planet, this is the most used gas now, as older cars fade away.

Inoperative Air Conditioning Will Not Cool at All  

If the AC is inoperative, we will investigate why it is not working. We check for leaks, make sure the compressor works, and also check the cooling fans are working. A refrigerant that is pumped gets hot before it is cooled, this is a 3-step process. It is pumped through the condenser a radiator at the front of the car, the cooling fans are switched on and air flowing through as you drive takes the initial temperature from the refrigerant. It is then forced through an expansion valve or a tube to begin the full cooling process in the evaporator. If any of these items have a leak the refrigerant escapes and the system sees no pressure at the pressure switch and will not command the compressor to switch on.


Does My Car Air Conditioning Need Servicing?

A quick tip that might mean you have a pressure issue, if the cooling fans don’t kick in when you switch on the AC, it is a good sign that the compressor is not being allowed to switch on. If the fans do run this can point to a compressor issue or the system, simply needs a service.

For any leak related repairs, we use Loc-Trace a fine gas that we put into the system and then search for leaks with the leak detection tool that sniffs out the gas, this system is extremely powerful for small leaks that don’t show up with leak dye. We will then quote for any work required and service the system once the leak has been rectified.

Replacement compressors require a system flush before refitting to ensure no debris will damage the new compressor, if the compressor is starved of oil this can damage the internals which is why that debris has to be flushed from the system.

A lot of cars use electric motors to control the air flow, these are hidden behind the dashboard and can be tricky to replace. As an example, a customer may complain about it only gets cold in one side of the cabin. This can lead to the dashboard needing to be removed to replace the faulty motor, again if you get a leak in the evaporator this can sometimes lead to dash removal to access it.

Can an AC service stop bad smells?

For any smells we treat the evaporator inside the car, this is where we carry out an anti-bacterial service. This kills any bacteria and we would also advise the pollen filter is fitted at the same time.

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Our IMI Master technician, James, provides a quality air conditioning service in Leeds ensuring your vehicle will stay cool on the road and avoids future air-con problems. For a thorough air conditioning service, call us today.