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jaguar turn signal fault

2008 4.2 Jaguar XK Turn Signal Fault Fixed – Fault Code B1D07 – Another Jaguar Fixed Successfully Carried Out by Clayton’s Garage

2008 4.2 Jaguar XK

As a petrol head, you could debate for hours who has the best sounding V8 engine: some would say the Americans, others would point to the Germans and claim bulletproof reliability, for me I would say a car closer to home and the Jaguar XK. Not only do they sound amazing, but they also look the part. Jaguar have even gone one step further with the F type, albeit with a supercharged V6, as far as pure orchestral engine sounds go, they are hard to beat!

So, as you can maybe tell we do like a Jaguar Coupe and our eyes lit up when presented with a 2008 Silver XK 4.2. The car arrived with its OSF indicator and wing repeater no longer working, the rear indicator still worked as normal. A fault code scan confirmed an open circuit somewhere in the vehicle’s complex electronics.

jaguar turn signal fault

Approaching the issues

We set about sourcing the required wiring information from Jaguar Topix and formed a test plan to resolve the issue. The fault code was stored in the rear central electronics, or for clarity the fuse box behind the rear seats! As part of our diagnostic process, we always prefer to start at source, so with the rear seats removed we set about testing wiring all the way back to the front lights. We traced the correct connector plug from the images on the technical website and confirmed a good signal from both front indicators have been sent out of the fuse box. Armed with this information we quickly moved on to sourcing the correct wire at the headlamp, again the signal was present and so we then moved our attention to the earth circuit. This is where it became interesting as we had the same flashing signal down both wires to the headlight?

Back to the wiring diagram and technical images to source where the earth came from. It was actually hidden inside the OSF wheel arch close to the shock absorber. In an attempt to load test the now rather green and corroded connection, we started to remove the wire only for the connecting stud to crumble to dust! Clearly an idea taken from the days when Jaguar were owned by British Leyland! We added a separate wire and moved the earth connection to inside the under-bonnet area with less moisture or water ingress, the customer asked us to check the NSF for a similar connection, low and behold the NSF earth connection was nowhere near all the water and muck that can attack it. I do wonder at times how engineers’ minds work?

jaguar servicing leeds claytons

A working Jaguar, and a beautiful happy ending

A happy customer was reunited with his car and I am sure he will enjoy many more years of that wonderful V8!

Another happy ending to join all the happy clients that have benefitted from Claytons’ Garage Jaguar servicing in Leeds!