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VW Van Servicing

A VW Van with an Intermittent Engine Management Light

Case Study: 2016 2.0 VW Transporter – Intermittent Engine light Fixed! Fault Code P040100

VW Van Servicing

At Claytons Automotive we know how important your van is to you, all those essential bits and pieces that you store in the back for that just in case job. So, there is nothing worse than an unreliable van to slow down your working week. Volkswagen are renowned for making a good van and with the dependable Transporter now on its 7th generation with a cult following too, you feel amongst the van driving elite alongside other owners all adding their own personal touch and modifications. For recommendations the Transporter is our go-to mid-sized van, so much so we own two ourselves!


VW Van Servicing Claytons

Investigating the issue at our Volkswagen Van service centre

We recently had a phone call from a regular customer to say he had an intermittent engine management light on his VW T6. We tend to know all the little niggles with these vans and had already ruled out a few possibilities before the van arrived. When quizzed about his issue he explained the van still had power and felt to be driving as normal.

Once on site at our Volkswagen van service centre we retrieved the fault codes and set about carrying out tests using our trusted diagnostic methods, the fault code we retrieved was one we have seen many times before P040100 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve low flow. As per most intermittent faults in the van, they can be harder to find than what is known as a static fault, i.e the fault is permanent.

We already knew from the vehicle’s history that the EGR valve had been replaced in the past with a genuine unit from VW, we, therefore, set about our diagnosis using the VW dealer tool ODIS to help facilitate the Volkswagen van repair. Within ODIS you have access to technical bulletins or TPI’S that help with known concerns, one particular bulletin caught our attention in regards to certain driving styles causing issues in the emissions system. At our VW Van service centre we were armed with a test plan. We carried out a flow test on the EGR cooler which confirmed poor flow. The vehicle had only covered 10,000 miles since its last replacement so we determined that cleaning the cooler was the best option. A phone call to our friends at Tunap confirmed they had the correct chemicals to help with our cooler clean up, and we were able to facilitate the VW van repair.

Another VW Van Serviced Here at Claytons!

Once complete another flow test confirmed the cooler was back to full flow, a bit of advice about drive cycles was passed onto the owner who immediately set off down the M62 with no further reported concerns.

If you’re experiencing any issue with your VW Van or any other vehicles, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and reach out to Claytons Automotive. At our Volkswagen van service centre you can trust that we can diagnose your issue and facilitate the VW van repair. We offer a wide range of MOT, car and van servicing in Leeds and we can’t wait to turn your case into our next happy ending.